Hi and welcome to the 100k4life campaign, what is the 100k4life campaign you ask?

Hi my name is Bradley Avontuur, I am 43 years old morbidly obese married with 2 female children aged 17 years & 13 years old, 2 months ago I was diagnosed with heart failure and kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol. This means my heart and kidneys are damaged beyond repair. They have limited function. This means it broken cannot be repaired overtime or anything. I was employed in the IT industry but the failure of these 2 organs has caused water retention with water on my lungs and makes it impossible for me to walk further than 2 meters without gasping for breath. I have just returned from a second spell in hospital and was informed by a surgeon the following. I could die at any time if my heart takes too much strain. He said “Mr Avontuur your only chance of survival is too lose weight but your heart cannot handle the extra strain of exercise, so you need GASTRIC BI PASS SURGERY” now I have seen on TV what this is they staple you stomach smaller and this causes you to eat less and lose weight rapidly. The problem was that state hospitals does not offer this type of surgery it’s only offered in the private sector and it cost the minimum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND RAND. The doctors left me and I felt so defeated where am I going to get that kind of money being unemployed, then a friend spoke to me later the that day he said “All you need is 100 people to collect R1000 each”


And that is what the 100k4life campaign is, a heartfelt request from ME and my family for a donation so that I can have this surgery as soon as possible. I am looking for 100 or more hero’s to help me collect the funds to have this surgery. I refuse to sit back and accept that I can die and not see my kids grow up. I believe with the help of friends and strangers I can collect the funds required and early in the New Year 2013 have the surgery and return back to RAT race and be a productive member of the community.

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5 Responses to Hi and welcome to the 100k4life campaign, what is the 100k4life campaign you ask?

  1. craig wentzel says:

    Bradley My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have a friend who has a foundation that helps people raise funds for things like this.

    Can you on Facebook search for The Jesse Foundation. This was an initiative started by Dale Skippers who started this foundation to raise funds for her daughters hearing aid.

    They bake and sell muffins and they can help with an intiative to help you raise funds.

    Their contact numbers will be The Jesse Foundation 021 797 8585. Ask for Dale Skippers and say Craig Wentzel at CoCT referred you.

    Let me know further progress please.

  2. Gilliard Raffels says:

    Hey, how does one go about donating?

    • r100k4life says:

      I am in the process of setting up a bank account, we have to follow the correct channels I want everything legit. As soon as the account is setup I will post the details on my facebook and on this blog.

  3. craig wentzel says:

    Bradley keep believing keep your eyes toward the healing coming your way. Its possible

  4. Jerry says:

    Hey Brad! Can’t wait for the account to be set up. Cpt people have hearts. You WILL reach your goal. In the mean time, hang in there, mate.

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